Zubair Maqsood

I'm an independent, ambitious and a motivated recent college graduate. I'm passionate about learning new things, exploring new ideas and I'm not afraid to take on challenges. I’m an independent and a self-starter, who really enjoy taking on leadership roles. I’m a strong and a dedicated team player. I have outstanding customer service skills, problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Communication and understanding the needs and wants of others are some of my strong suits. I’m also good at conflict resolution.

My friends describe me as caring and compassionate.



Metro Franchising

At Metro Franchising I worked as a cashier and a barista. I provided an excellent customer dining and shopping experience. Some of my routine tasks included greeting customers, receiving orders, preparing customers’ orders, processing payments and operating a POS system. Throughout the day, I ensured all the machines are working properly, checked temperatures of freezers, refrigerators and other food storage machines. I restocked inventory, kept the workplace clean and organized. Made sure all the equipment is cleaned and sanitized. I also prepared food and beverages which we sold. During the workday, adhering to the company and city health code guidelines was a critical aspect of the job.

Nov 2017 - Dec 2017

Uber Driver


As an Uber driver my goal was to provide the best customer service possible with 100% customer satisfaction. With my excellent customer service skills, I provided a great ride experience and kept a quality rating of over 4.85 out of 5. My job involved picking up and dropping off passengers in a safe, courteous and a timely manner. To achieve a great customer experience, I went above and beyond to fulfill customer requests. I also kept my vehicle clean, neat, odor free and free from mechanical defects.

June 2016 - August 2017

Office Administrator

Big Apple Art Gallery

At Big Apple Art Gallery, I worked as an office administrator and a framer. My job duties included helping clients with their framing needs, answering telephone calls and responding to emails. I performed cold call for sales, mailed out advertisement materials to perspective clients and handled payments. Often, the job involved dropping off or picking up customer orders or office supplies. I also assisted the owner with any given tasks and managing correspondence. Some of the tools used were Basecamp for handling tasks and collaborating with other team members. Used the company’s own application to process orders. Also utilized the Microsoft Access to maintain a database. I also helped the owner debug and test the company’s website and mobile application.

Nov 2015 - Mar 2016

Call Center Agent

CUNY 311 Project

As a 311 call center representative, I handled telephone calls to assist the customers of New York City, while maintaining an extraordinary level of customer service satisfaction. I answered inbound calls from customers who required information on various services offered by the various New York City government agencies. I handled customer inquiries, complaints and assisting customer with their service requests. I troubleshoot and resolved any problems the customers had. An Oracle databased was used to document and update customer records, based on the daily customer interactions. I developed and maintained a knowledge base of the evolving products and services offered by various NYC agencies to better assist customers.

Jan 2014 - Mar 2015


Farmingdale State College

Bachelor of Science
Computer Programming and Information Systems

Academic distinction: Dean's List

2016 - May 2018

I have a passion for technology and chasing challenges, which naturally lead me to pursue a degree in Computer Information Systems.

I enjoy leading and planning projects due to which my specialization was Systems Development Lifecycle in my field

Throughout my education experience I was able to lead countless projects to completion. One of such project was to lead a team of 2 to code an application for hiking.

Leading and working on this project was a great learning experience. I was able to apply my leadership and technical skills to the test as a student.

My team and I created an application that was able to track the movements of hikers and plot them on a map. The tracking allowed for hikers to view their hiking data such as;

Time, date and longitude/lattitude of the starting position, the time it took to complete the hike, the steps the hiker took, the elevation change, time/date of the completion

and the last coordinates of the finish. All of the tracking was done without the need for an internet connection which was vital to the purpose of the app.

I concived the idea for this app after one of my hiking mishaps. I was lost on of my night time hikes in the middle of winter. I was able to find my way back by retracing my steps.

After this incident, I wanted to create an app that would for an app to track the movements of the hikers and record data that could aid in the hikers in retracing their steps without the need for a GPS.


Programming Languages & Tools

I have experience in C++, Java, XML, PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL.

I have worked with tools such as but not limited to; XAMPP, Oracle Database, VMware Workstation, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL Management Studio 2012.

I have experience working with Business Intelligence tools. I have used SSIS for data integration, SSAS for deployment of a multidimensional cube and used SSRS for reporting.

Other tools and software include; Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visio, Smartsheet, Netbeans, Eclipse, Android Studio and Adobe Lightroom.

Aside from English, I can speak Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

More about me

I'm constantly on the lookout to do new things and meet new people. I'm an avid hiker and a camper. I love being outdoors and exploring. I enjoy eating different foods and sometimes I like to cook. I love music and movies. I'm also a big fan of stock trading. I really like cars and fixing cars. I also enjoy sunsets and long walks. I like taking pictures. My comfort foods include steak and ice cream.

What I want to accomplsh in life

My lifelong goal is to start a non-profit research organization that spreads awareness for mental illnesses and brain diseases. I want to use this organization to develop technology and advance existing technology to help us understand the human brain. This technology can be used to cure brain diseases and mental illnesses.


What phone do I use? I'm currently using LG G6. So far I love this phone. Best thing about this phone is the camera. Now my DSLR stays home.

My dream car? Bentley Continental GT.

My favorite thing to do? I love to drive and just find new places to explore.

Favorite place to visit? My favorite place to visit is the Adirondack mountains.

My favorite author? My favorite author is Emily Dickinson.

Favorite book? My favorite book is The Anthem by Ayn Rand.

Favorite TV shows? My favorite TV shows are, Futurama, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Sopranos, Firefly, The Night Manager, Vampire Diaries, Master of None, Sherlock and Death Note.

One video game I recommend? One video game I would recommend would be Horizon Zero Dawn.

All time favorite console? Playstation 2.

Trading platform/broker to use? I recommend using Ally.

What am I currently learning? I'm currently learning how to sew.

My Favorite food? My favorite food is steak.

Favorite ice cream parlor? Morgenstern ice cream shop in Manhattan

Someone inspiring? Charles Schwab.